By Heidi Petschauer | May 7, 2019

2019 Mother’s Day Reflections from our President

It’s Mother’s Day 2019 and I am reflecting on the many amazing traits of my own mom, and how influential she has been in my personal as well as business journeys. I feel so blessed to still have her love, wisdom, and support with me today. My mom’s values of honesty, integrity, and building trusting relationships have shaped my own personal and professional brand. My personal goal is to model the amazing life lessons my mom has taught me with our younger generation of woman who are also working on finding their own passions and values to live a real and fulfilling life. This way the cycle of positive values and amazing leadership will continue for generations to come. My mom was a woman pioneer working beside my dad for so many years and she didn’t even know what an awesome leader she was! Thank you, mom!

And, with my Mother’s Day reflections comes so much gratitude and appreciation for my remarkable team of the women at Petschauer Insurance. They WOW! our clients daily !!! Their dedication and commitment to developing their leadership skills, owning and living our Brand is the reason I am here supporting their growth today. They are certainly modeling for our younger generation as well as their own children! Thank you, team, for all you do!

Although I never had children of my own, I did have the honor and privilege to raise my stepson, Chris. I see my values and passions in him. Today he calls me “Mom” and I’m blessed that he wishes to honor me each Mother’s Day.

Whether you are a Mom or a Woman who influences and leads others with your amazing positive values and passions, I wish you a Mother’s Day full of love and happy memories while celebrating with those that honor you!

Happy Mother’s Day!
Heidi Petschauer, President

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