Community Cause

Finding New Homes for Orphaned Animals

Animal euthanasia remains much higher on Long Island than in other states in the region, and thousands of animals are lost every year to kill shelters in our area. The great majority of these animals were orphaned or were the victims of abuse or neglect.

The Petschauer Insurance team believes that every animal deserves a loving home and family, and we are initiating a long term campaign to provide new homes for mistreated animals.

Ambassadors for Responsible Guardianship

As new Regional Ambassadors for the #AgentsofChange movement here in Nassau County, our team is leading a local effort to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home animals that might otherwise be euthanized. We will be focusing on promoting responsible pet guardianship, working with local shelters and nonprofits to find homes for orphaned pets, and assisting in efforts to reduce or eliminate the use of animal euthanasia in Nassau County.

With so many animals in our area looking for a home, we know we can’t do this alone. We need your help.

Partnering with Organizations in Our Community and the Tri-State Area

Here at Petschauer Insurance, it is our mission to ensure the safety and care of all animals, regardless of what the circumstances may be. We see the value our furry friends provide so many people in our area and beyond. From therapy, to law enforcement and even handicap accessibility, animals such as canines are cherished members of our society and our families.

That’s why we will be working with charities and foundations who share our passion for protecting and training animals. Organizations such as Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), who provide highly-trained assistance dogs and support, and Tri-State Collie Rescue have been supported by our agency in the past, and we look forward to continue supporting them in the future.

Be a Part of this Campaign

To be part of this campaign, all you need to do is invite your close friends or loved ones to come in and visit our team at Petschauer Insurance. While they’re here, we will provide them with a free insurance consultation in addition to more information on our campaign to help local animals. Afterward, we will issue a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a local nonprofit animal rescue effort.

Join Our Team!

This campaign gives you the opportunity to join our team and help make a difference for thousands of people in need and animals who want nothing more than a new home. Please join us, and let’s help as many people and pets as we can!


Heidi Petschauer

Petschauer Insurance

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