Does Cyber Insurance Cover Reputational Harm?

Reputation is so important. In fact, we sometimes find that the financial loss due to the reputational damage can be greater than the direct costs associated with a breach. There’s a reason why cyber attacks are believed to be highly under reported. You know, organizations don’t want their brand to be impacted because reputational damage is real.

So yes, reputational harm coverage is available, and it indemnifies your business for the loss of profit or net loss resulting from a harmful publication, concerning the cyberattack on your, on your organization. The question is – Does your cyber policy include reputational harm?

And we touched on this earlier too kind of another component is breach response. You know, your policy should also include breach response which most commonly they do. And that covers cost to hire a public relations or crisis management consultant. It also covers expenses to purchase media to respond to a harmful publication, and send notifications to customers and employees, which can really go a long way in mitigating the harm and rehabilitating your reputation.

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