Does your Cyber Insurance Cover Business Interruption Caused by a Cyber Attack on a Service Provider?

It’s a good question. You know, these days it is important because we’re outsourcing a lot more of our technology, our business processes than we’ve ever done before. We’re a lot more dependent on our suppliers and service providers now.

So if a service provider is attacked and you can’t, let’s say access supplies, data or software applications to conduct your business, that’s gonna have, a major impact on your income.

Just so, you know, the business interruption that we just described earlier will only cover you if YOU were attacked, it will not cover your loss of income if a supplier or a provider is attacked. The insurance carrier underwrote the risk to your cybersecurity system, not the risk of all your suppliers and vendors that you work with.

But the coverage is available but it’s not always on the policies that we review. To have the coverage, your policy, your cyber policy specifically needs to have (and there are different names for it) dependent business interruption or sometimes it’s called contingent business income.

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