What is Mortgage Insurance – Garden City NY

You’ve spent years of working, saving, and planning to be where you are right now, in a house that you’ve earned with a family that you love. But what would happen to your family if an unexpected death were to take you or your significant other away? If your family has been paying the bills with two paychecks, could your significant other manage the burden of an unpaid mortgage alone? These are tough questions to ask, but wouldn’t you rather ask them before tragedy strikes?
Fortunately, your advisor is here to help you through that discussion. There is a way to protect your family that is both simple and affordable. Both you and your significant other can purchase a term life insurance policy that would cover the remaining cost of your home’s mortgage, and since you can customize the term of the policy, you can be sure that you’re only paying for what you need. On average, the healthy 40-year-old man can purchase a $500,000 policy over a 20-year period for less than $30 a month. So why not take a few minutes to find out how much it would cost for you? Your homeowners insurance is already protecting the house, so why not also invest in protecting the family that makes it a home. Take the time to discuss these important questions with your significant other, and when you’re ready, your advisor will be there to help. Leave your family with a home and not a debt.

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