NYC’s Famous Katz’s Deli thinks Petschauer Insurance is a cut above

Jake Dell, the owner of New York City’s famous Katz’s Deli, talks about why he believes Petschauer Insurance is a cut above the rest!

“I’m Jake Dell; I’m the fifth generation owner of Katz’s delicatessen here on the Lower East Side. As you can tell … It’s really slow, not busy at all, and no headaches that happen at all, so there is no need for insurance whatsoever… Of course, that’s NOT the truth, and Petschauer has been with us, by our side and our partner, for almost 30 years now. The number one thing I value from Petschauer is their responsiveness, knowledge, and ability to help navigate incredibly murky waters.

We had a major flood, and the whole basement, I mean, we had a foot or two feet of water, mud, property damage, and equipment damage, and everyone at Petschauer was amazing. They just jumped right onto it. If you’ve ever looked at a policy, it’s more than just the cover sheet, and having someone like the Petschauer team on your side to help you navigate those incredibly mundane pages is incredibly helpful. If we didn’t have Petschauer, I think my day-to-day would be much harder. I think during major crises and issues and even minor ones, I would have to do a lot more research on a daily basis, I think, as opposed to just picking up the phone and calling someone and saying what should I do? … And then getting an answer that I know is going to be the right answer. It definitely is an incredible help having them on my side”.