By Mathew Kryder | June 11, 2019

How Life Insurance Works When Someone Dies?

Hi. This is Matthew Kryder at Petschauer Insurance. I’m here to answer a question we get, which is, why does like insurance matter? It really depends on the client. A lot of clients share with us that they want a mortgage paid off or credit card debt paid off so that surviving spouse isn’t strapped with those payments. Also, if your family’s dependent on your income, it’s important to get life insurance to replace a portion of that income to help pay the bills. Also, upon one’s passing, there’s a need for cash to pay for final expenses, and often there’s medical bills associated with that as well. A lot of clients, it depends on what’s important to them. Some clients, it’s important to pay off college or to help fund the surviving spouse’s retirement. I hope this was helpful. We have more to come.