Happy Thanksgiving from Heidi Petschauer Fox, President

thanksgivingIn the spirit of appreciation and the true meaning of this Thanksgiving holiday, I thank my team for the stellar job they are doing here at Petschauer Insurance. You are a dynamic and well educated staff that is so invested in your clients. You bring your experience, awareness and knowledge with you each and every time you connect with them. I so appreciate your thoughtfulness about important issues when you write your blogs, create fun and informative videos and honor our clients on Facebook.
From the bottom of my heart I say “Thank you Team Petschauer!” I am so grateful for each and every one of you because you always bring your “ALL” to each day at our firm. Our founder and my dad, JP, use to tell me: “you are only as successful as your team behind you”. And, today I feel a great deal of success! I dedicate this blog to your continued professional commitment and dedication to our firm.
I wish Team Petschauer, their families and all our clients a very blessed Thanksgiving Holiday.

– Heidi Petschauer Fox

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