A Partner for Independence

Canine Companions for Independence is a leading national organization involved with matching and training service dogs with people with disabilities.

A service animal can significantly increase one’s independence by helping people perform otherwise mundane tasks such as turning on the lights, opening a door, pick up a dropped item like a medication, etc. In addition, many of the dogs who get training by CCI become facility animals that work in healthcare, criminal justice, and educational settings. They are equipped to provide much-needed support duties like sniffing, security, and emotional support.

Canine Companions believe in giving independence to people from all walks of life. This bighearted non-profit works diligently to come to the aid of the most vulnerable amongst us, by helping them gain independence either by have their service animals help them perform daily tasks and or by simply boosting their morale. Here at Petschauer Insurance, we have gotten the incredible opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative powers of these canine-human partnerships.

We invite you to join our mission to help CCI. By referring someone to our agency, you could support us on our ongoing mission! Just one simple step, and for every referral received, we will donate $20 to Canine Companions for Independence.

It’s that easy! There is no obligation to purchase, they just need to receive a quote. If you would like to help, please get in contact with us, and we’ll show you how you can give back without even having to donate your own money.

To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE