Advocating for Animals & People With Disabilities

Big shoutout to all of our dear clients and friends who recommended our agency! Thanks to YOU and our all-star team who worked hard and were passionate about this campaign, we were able to support the work being done by Canine Companions for Independence – whose ongoing mission is to train and match service dogs with people with disabilities or in need of emotional support! Thank YOU!  

Together, we raised $800 !!!

Petschauer Insurance proudly supports an on-going animal relief campaign, aimed to help provide new homes for animals on Long Island… and beyond, that have been neglected or mistreated. Not only that, we will also be providing direct support for organizations that train dogs to cater to and improve the lives of people with disabilities. Through our Community Cause Program, we here at Petschauer Insurance make giving back part of our daily lives. It is our mission to ensure that all members of our community, including pets, have the support they need to have peace of mind.

“Our agency is concerned about the welfare of animals and people! We are using a rewards program to encourage our community in our 2-fold passion: 1. To join us in helping to find new homes for animals that might otherwise be lost, and, 2. To match the disabled with a furry companion that will enable them to get out in the world with confidence and a purpose. Pets are irreplaceable companions for people in need of support, and our agency is honored to commit our resources to these worthy causes.” said agency CEO Heidi Petschauer.