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How Does The New York City Sidewalk Law Affect Homeowners?

To paraphrase a famous movie, “Yes, Virginia there is a sidewalk law in New York City and it is enforced!” Property owners, lessees, tenants and occupants of New York City property are all subject to the provisions of a law passed in 2003 governing sidewalks in the City of New York. So what does the…
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Will My Health Insurance Pay For Weight Loss Programs?

About 20% of Americans are currently on a diet according to NPD’s National Eating Trends. In these times of changing health insurance guidelines, the question is often posed as to whether or not insurance carriers will reimburse consumers for their participation in weight loss programs. The quick answer is that “it depends upon your carrier…
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Why Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?

Recently a friend of mine hosted a dinner party for six women, nowin their mid-sixties, who had previously been married. We get together once a month to play cards, go to the theater, or just sit around and have a grand old time. Currently, all the women are alone, either by choice or circumstance, and…
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Does It Really Matter if I Pay My Insurance Premiums Late?

I remember an old sitcom about a family where money was tight and they had a lot of bills to pay. What did they do? Well, to buy some time, they sent their electric bill payment to the water company and the water bill payment to the electric company. Then they pretended they never received…
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The Affordable Care Act – What is “Cost Sharing”?

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, which took effect on 1/1/14, we now hear the constant mention of the term “cost sharing”. Many consumers of the new health insurance plans are unsure of what the term means and what payments actually constitute “cost sharing.” Cost sharing is the payment any consumer contributes toward…
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Ask Sherri: Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover A Wedding?

Dear Sherri,My daughter is getting married next year so I just booked a caterer, a Hall, and a very expensive wedding dress and had to place a very large deposit for each of those items. If something were to happen, such as the caterer goes out of business before the wedding, how would I go…
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How Do I Get Insurance For A Painting?

Dear Sherri,I just purchased a very, very expensive painting and now I need to purchase insurance for it. How do I go about it? Sincerely, Picasso’s Mom in NY Dear Picasso’s Mom in NY, The painting wasn’t “Dogs Playing Poker,” was it? I have that one too! Anyway, to insure your new painting, you must…
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During 2013 each of us has faced many significant economic and environmental challenges. With 2013 almost a memory, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, our clients, for your continued commitment, trust and loyalty to Petschauer Insurance. In 2014 we hope that you will continue to go to our website…
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I have worked with various individuals at Petschauer and have found each to be responsive, courteous, and thoughtful. Each year, the contact for my auto policy proactively seeks new bids and has consistently saved me money on my policy.
Ryan Huber
I have been with Petschauer Insurance for a long time. My account executive Lori Halloran is like family to me: she is always there when I need her and is very knowledgeable and understanding. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my insurance needs.
Vincent Falcone
Excellence in customer service and it’s a one stop shop for all my insurance needs.
Tom Haines
I have had the pleasure of working with various members of the Petschauer Team, both personally and professionally for 20+ years. And I couldn’t have done it without them. They go above and beyond. Heidi, Narima, Sherri and LuAnn don’t just bring to us the products they offer, they help me to understand the specifics and evaluate what makes the most sense for me, my family and my employees. I always feel I have a better understanding of an industry I have no understanding of so that I can evaluate the offerings in a smart way, cost effective way. They are proactive with renewals, allowing us the time to do our due diligence, evaluate our plans to be sure we’re properly covered and are always there to listen and help with special circumstances. Their kindness, caring and willingness to lend an ear when needed, really makes them stand apart from the rest. Heidi and her family have built a beautiful culture at Petschauer and I highly recommend them to anyone I meet.
Jamie Stedman-Novo
Quality attentive service is hard to find, but at Petschauer Insurance that’s what you can expect from their always friendly staff . It’s what we’ve experienced for all these many years.
John from Forest Pork Store Inc.
Spence-Chapin has had the pleasure of working with the wonderful John Petschauer, Inc. for 15+ years. They have always provided excellent service to us–with great knowledge, expertise, and patience — even in the most challenging situations. There has not been one time when they have not been immediately accessible to us, even at a moment’s notice. We thank them for their work and celebrate their 60th anniversary, while looking forward to working with them for another 60 years and beyond!
Petschauer is great. I never had a problem.  They always call me back. Fabulous employees who are always willing to help.
Marty Bruno
I have been with Petschauer Insurance for over twenty five years. The staff is knowledgeable and professional. Petschauer writes both my personal and commercial insurance and they provide excellent counseling. I truly trust the firm and their staff. Thank you.
Mike Matonti
My company has called on Petschauer Insurance for many years for its insurance needs: liability, liquor, auto, etc. Working with Erwin and his team has been a pleasure from beginning to present. They are quick to answer any question and provide sound advice. I have always felt that my and our needs are important to them, in theory and practice. They go the extra mile, and we continue to be well served.
Stephen Kennard from Canard Inc.
From the first time I spoke with Lori Halloran at Petschauer Insurance, I knew she was a special person. She is a woman that conducts herself professionally, with compassion and full knowledge of all types of insurance Petschauer has to offer. While speaking with her, as she explained and answered all of my questions, I felt like I was speaking with family…which is another way to describe this company. She has a way of making very confusing decisions so simple and easy to understand. I even added another insurance policy to my two renewal policies because of her. My last renewals could have been processed via mail but I really wanted to take the time to drive and meet this wonderful woman face to face. She greeted me with this huge beautiful smile, which matched her personality perfectly. So, I just had to go back another time just to say “Hi” and bring her flowers in appreciation for all her help and also celebrate a new friendship. The Petschauer “Family” has been there for me since my first policy when I was 19 years old, and now I’m a “senior”. I’ve been with them forever and don’t plan on going anywhere else. Thank you Lori for your dedication and to the rest of the Petschauer staff.
Jane Deitlein