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Petschauer Insurance’s Safety Guide To A Wonderful Tropical Vacation

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As President’s Week approaches, this can provide family and friends the opportunity to take a break and embrace a well-deserved vacation! When the temperatures are cooling down closer to home, some vacationers enjoy heading to a more tropical place (like the Caribbean) to find sunshine. If you have kids and are planning for a getaway during a break from school, there is no doubt you are set for a great deal of fun, laughter, and adventure! According to AIG, it’ll also be in your best interests to keep safety in mind when venturing out to explore different places.

As you consider potential destinations and get ready for your vacation, we would like to help prepare you with what to be on the lookout for.

Before You Leave:  First things first:

  • Purchase travel insurance.  Travel Insurance will cover trip cancellations and delays, as well as provide medical expenses and emergency evacuation coverages.
  • Research your destination to know what to expect In terms of culture and climate.
  • Make your bank aware so that there are no surprise declines on your card while traveling.
  • Visit a doctor to be given a clean “bill of health”, so that you have no worries upon departing!
  • Be careful not to broadcast your whereabouts on social media before or during your trip, as this could serve as an invitation for home invaders to take advantage of your absence.

Hotel Safety:

  • It’s best to have a travel agent set up your tours and excursions, and/or seek out direct assistance from hotel concierge services. The vendors and tour guides that walk along beaches are not necessarily associated with your hotel and may target you as part of a scam.
  • Please keep in mind that your hotel room should be equipped with a safe, to secure your more personal belongings during your stay.
  • Research the safer food and drink options before you arrive. Mexico has water sanitation problems. Use bottled water, not only for drinking, but rinsing your mouth while brushing teeth as well. Vietnam has questionable bottled water.

On-the-Go, exploring your destination:

  • Please keep your eyes and ears open at all times, especially when leaving hotel grounds! Areas that are known for petty and violent crimes may have offenders that look to target tour buses.
  • It may make sense to utilize taxi services as often as possible, to alleviate you from the pressures of renting a car, getting rental insurance, the and dealing with potential confusion over travel routes.
  • When walking around at night, keep in mind that bugs are more likely to come out at dusk. Dress accordingly.

We want you to have a wonderful vacation and are happy to answer any questions you have about mitigating risks and making this adventure as enjoyable as possible! You have earned it! Contact us today to review your coverage before you leave.

Keeping You and Your Family Happy and Safe This Holiday Season


The holiday season is officially here! This is an opportunity to spend quality time with your family and reflect upon the past year’s blessings. As you look forward to laughing, singing, and having fun with your loved ones, allow us to help you prepare with some safety reminders to ensure this holiday season is a happy and healthy one.

Prepare your home for travel: Whether you are logging long hours shopping for gifts at the mall or making a trip to see an out of town family member, it’s important not to tip off thieves and suggest you aren’t home. Nationwide offers various suggestions as to how you can discourage in-home theft. This will help prevent you from giving a burglar easy access or a green light to come in.

Be smart when shopping for gifts: While we may be past the Black Friday and Cyber Monday crazes, the holiday shopping continues all month long. Think Glink discusses the importance of setting (and sticking to) a budget and taking advantage of free shipping offers from notable retailers. As stores get crowded, choosing to ship will keep you off the hectic roads and help you save money on gas.


Put a smile on their face with safety: In addition to being safe as the holidays near, exchanging gifts can present you and your loved ones with an opportunity to set the tone and practice safety all year round. AllState provides a comprehensive gift guide, complete with budgeted ideas for those who enjoy spending time at home, on the road, and outdoors.

Create a bright and starry display in a safe way: When getting into the holiday spirit, you may find fun in outdoing all your neighbors with a festive display outside or entertaining your family members inside. Either way, you can take precautions when putting up decorations. Travelers outlines potential solutions for you, including LED lights, battery operated candles, and more.

Wherever you go this holiday season, we also encourage you to be safe on the road. Happy Holidays!

Travel Insurance for your Dream Vacation

Travel Insurance

Finally booked the backpacking trip through Europe that you have been talking about for years? Everything is planned and now you are just crossing off the days on your calendar until your dream vacation. Your excitement may have caused you to overlook some possible situations while abroad…

Ever think of what would happen if you got sick before or while traveling? If you lost your luggage? If your flight gets cancelled? Travel Insurance would take care of you if any of these things occurred… Here’s how:

  • Trip cancellation insurance for 100% of trip cost
    • You get a contagious virus or break your leg and have to push back that long awaited trip? A travel insurance policy will cover all the trip costs and cancellation fees.
  • Trip delay insurance
    • Are you arriving to your destination a day late because of flight delays? Travel insurance will pay for all reserved expenses that you missed, including hotel rooms and car rentals.
  • Luggage loss protection
    • You landed in your destination but your luggage never arrived to the airport with you? You will be compensated for your lost items (selfie sticks and bathing suits included).
  • Medical expense coverage
    • Was it the tap water or the wild berries? Whatever it was, you are now sick at the hospital. If your health insurance doesn’t cover your medical expenses abroad, your travel insurance will.
  • Emergency evacuations coverage
    • That excursion was more extreme than you thought, and now you must be airlifted to the nearest hospital. Ambulance rides and helicopter evacuations are not cheap. Travel insurance will cover if you so happen to need either.
  • Lost document replacement assistance
    • Passports, wallets, pocketbooks, and phones are easily lost while abroad. It does not matter if you misplaced them or if they were stolen, travel insurance will cover the costs that come with replacing them.

Having peace of mind can make a world of a difference, and can be easily achieved by calling us and asking about a custom travel insurance policy. We hope that you have the best travel experience and that everything goes according to plan! Trips like these do not happen every day, so enjoy every second!



Petschauer’s Guide to Camping 101: Insuring Your RV/Camper


Insuring your RV/Camper

The weather is starting to heat up, those spring and summer trips you have planned are not too far away. We know that being out in nature is the best way to recover from being stuck in the house all winter, making camping the go-to trip for family and friends. Some will be tenting while others will opt for the comfort of a camper or RV. If you choose the latter, here is some insurance advice before heading to the great outdoors.

Did you know?

  • An RV policy is designed to accommodate almost all recreational vehicles from pop-ups to coaches
  • While towing an RV/Camper, liability only is extended from your auto insurance
  • While the RV/Camper is unhitched at your primary residence, liability will only be extended from your homeowners insurance
  • An RV policy provides liability while being stored away from ????????????????????????????the primary residence
  • An RV policy can be endorsed to provide comprehensive and collision coverage
  • An RV policy extends coverage in Canada
  • An RV policy does not extend liability coverage in Mexico
  • In Mexico, an RV policy extends comprehensive and collision coverage only
  • If damage occurs in Mexico, repairs must be completed in the U.S.
  • In Mexico, you should purchase RV liability coverage from a local agent
  • If RV/Camper is being towed by a Commercial Vehicle, contact your Commercial Auto carrier to confirm liability will be extended to RV

As always, check with your insurance agent or carrier to confirm coverage.

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Are Your Holiday Gifts Insured?

present_pileThe shopping season is in winding down right about now, and your loved ones have received all their gifts. Whether it is a new gaming system, new shoes, a big screen TV, a new iPhone or laptop,  special jewelry or a trip for 2 to a ski resort or sunny spa for a week, you may want to be sure that these gifts are protected by insurance if something unfortunate were to happen to them.

Does your Homeowners Policy cover any or all of these items while in your home BEFORE you give them away as gifts?  Do you have a Floater Policy (aka Inland Marine Policy) to add that special valuable jewelry item you received from your loved one? Did you purchase Travel Insurance for that exciting trip?

An Inland Marine policy or Floaters policy can cover those valuable gifts such as computers, fine arts, furs, golf equipment, jewelry, music instruments, and even camera equipment for All Risk, World Wide coverage with no deductible when scheduled on this type of policy.

Your Homeowners insurance may provide some coverage as well; however, every policy offers different features. A simple call to your agent can give you the detailed information you need to be sure.

Travel Insurance can protect you and your passenger should you need to cancel the trip due to a sudden illness that prevents you from going.  Or when on the trip, is an accident, sickness or injury covered by your current health insurance if you leave your home state? What if you require to be evacuated or airlifted for care – would your health insurance cover that expense? And if your trip was cut short due to a sickness or injury, would you get reimbursed to travel again at a later time?  You can have all of these situations covered with the right insurance.

Receiving electronics for the holiday is an awesome gift as well; however, will your homeowners or renters policy automatically cover it?  Every insurance company has their own interpretation of coverage and a call to your agent is strongly suggested to be sure you understand any limitation in your policy or instructions on what to do to protect your precious gift.  Sometimes purchasing the protection right from the electronic vender is the simplest and most economical way to get the best protection.

We hope you received all the gifts on your wish list this Holiday season! Keep Insurance on your list as well.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at 718-386-5050 or info@jpins.com.

Are You Traveling For The Holidays? Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Belly_of_the_planeSo the holidays are fast approaching, and you’re taking a vacation.  You may have your plane tickets, hotel reservation, tours scheduled, and even dinner plans all paid in full.  HOWEVER, did you consider Travel Insurance? Don’t think you need it? 

Think about some of these situations

  • What if you have a medical emergency prior to your trip and can’t go?
  • What if you got to your destination and your trip was interrupted and had to go home immediately?
  • What if you have a baggage delay and need to purchase some clothes or personal items?
  • What if you missed your connecting flight for inclement weather?
  • Does your medical insurance cover you out of your home state or while you are abroad?
  • Does your medical insurance cover emergency evacuation?

If you purchase Travel insurance before you leave, you will have coverage for all of the above and more. We recommend the Gold Travel Plan; however, click on this link to get a quote and pick out a plan that fits your travel needs. 

Here some highlights of the Gold Plan:

  • 100% Trip Cost |Trip Cancellation
  • 150% Trip Cost | Trip Interruption
  • $750 | Trip Delay
  • $250 | Missed Connection:
  • $1,000 | Baggage & Personal Effects Loss
  • $300 | Baggage Delay
  • $25,000 | Medical Expense
  • $500,000 | Emergency Evacuation
  • $10,000 | Accidental Death & Dismemberment

And there are Optional Coverage choices available to increase some of these options. Have questions?  Give us a call and we will be happy to assist – 718.386.5050 or email us at info@jpins.com.

We know how stressful things can get when you plan an exciting trip to see family or the world and it doesn’t happen.  Whether it is bazaar weather patterns, a sudden injury or a family emergency, Travel Insurance can give you that peace of mind to know if something were to go wrong at least you can be reimbursed for expenses so that you are able to plan another trip with your hard earned money.

Safe travels!