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What are the benefits of taking a defensive driving course?

Driver seatbeltWhen speaking to our clients about their auto insurance, we are often asked what determines their premium and what opportunities they may have to help lower it without jeopardizing their coverages.  In the interest of offering helpful information, we have one potential solution for you.

We’d like to share the benefits of taking a defensive driving course. Completion of a New York DMV-approved Point & Insurance Reduction Program will result in a 10% reduction of a driver’s liability, no fault and collision premiums. The discount extends over a three year period and applies to each vehicle for which you are considered the primary operator. In addition, it could result in up to a 4-point reduction on your driving record if you have previously received a traffic ticket.  The course would also be a good opportunity for young drivers who have recently received their licenses and/or more experienced drivers to benefit from a refresher, all while lowering their rate at the same time.Driving School

There are two different ways to take the course.  We offer this course online via our website to easily fit into your busy schedule.  If you prefer the in-person engagement, there are also classroom-sessions available.  You can click here for a full listing of New York state locations offering this type of option.

This is just one of the ways you can work on lowering your premium.  Feel free to contact your agent for more suggestions and/or information about your auto policy. We would be happy to answer your questions and review your options!

Keep Premiums Low When Adding Newly Licensed Driver to Auto Policy

Dear Sherri,9731141279_e3b3d88283_h

I’m adding my newly licensed son as a driver to my auto policy; I know this change is going to be expensive.  What can I do to offset the increased premium?           

Mom in Panic

Dear Mom in Panic,

First, take some deep breaths, meditate, and if that doesn’t work out, hit the liquor cabinet!  But honestly, there are plenty of things you can do to offset the premium increase, such as:

  • Have all drivers on your policy complete a Defensive Driving Class
  • Apply for Good Student Credits
  • Having a College Degree
  • Garage your Vehicles at night
  • Pleasure use versus driving to/from work (use public transportation for your commute)
  • Higher deductibles on physical damage coverage
  • Mature Driver/Retiree Discount
  • Multi-Car Discount
  • Multi Policy Discount
  • Driver’s Education Courses

By the way, now is a great time to make sure you have high bodily injury limits and purchase an umbrella policy.  Call your agent today for more detailed information on these items.