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Ever Think of a Career in the Insurance Industry?

Today’s job market can be quite overwhelming for young job-seekers.  What industry is open to hiring young and ambitious individuals looking real world experience?  

Have you thought about going into the insurance world? There are amazing career opportunities awaiting you in our field.

Millennial Careers Chart



  • There is lots of room for growth
    • There are a variety of careers to choose from including accounting, customer service, marketing, sales, IT, HR, operations and underwriting.
    • Companies are looking for young talent to train and potentially fill these roles
  • Insurance will be around “forever”, providing great job security for those in the industry
    • Insurance is always needed, no matter the economic climate, so it is safe to say that you will always have a job.
  • No work day is ever the same
    • If you are looking for a job where you learn and experience new things every day, then insurance is perfect for you
  • You will feel a sense of purpose as you will be part of an industry dedicated to helping people and protecting their assets and families

If you are looking for more than just a glamorous industry and want real world experience that relates to your skills, than the Insurance industry is for you. We at Petschauer Insurance have a number of opportunities that you can find at our careers page: