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Keep Your Buildings From Freezing During Winter Months

Homes, offices, apartments, warehouses, and all other personal or commercial buildings are not immune to damage during the winter. Winter weather inevitably brings freezing conditions and this can spell disaster. So therefore, it is necessary to put strategies in place to avoid such occurrences whenever and wherever possible.

Steps to take to avoid damage:

  • Inspect for damaged water lines, air drafts, heating systems, and make repairs promptly.
  • Keep the cold out by sealing areas with caulk, foam, insulation and use temperature monitoring devices to make sure that the measures implemented are actually working.
  • Keep warmth in and keep water moving to avoid the freezing of pipes and possible breakage. Insulating pipes is always a good idea, especially in unheated areas.
  • Be aware of water flow volume and make use of both “home” as well as “away” settings.
  • Configure temperature settings with existing alarm system, some of which can be controlled with mobile applications.

frozen-ice-189996_640Steps to take if there is damage:

Once there is a damage of any kind, it is necessary to mitigate the problem and to prevent further damage. Here are some suggestions regarding the type of action to take once something happens:

  • Shut off the main water valve.
  • Implement any sprinkler impairment program.
  • In the case of a frozen line, remove any ice plug and administer heat.
  • Be sure to implement any emergency response and a business continuity plan.
  • Contact a water remediation contractor.
  • Remove high value or water sensitive equipment and material.
  • Be sure to take pictures and/or video of any damaged areas and/or equipment.

Remember the old adage from Ben Franklin – “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – and save yourself the extra stress this winter.

Karen Skoler, CPCU