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Why Should I Get Travel Insurance?

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider travel insurance coverage for your next trip:

  • Trip Cancellation Insured for 100% of Trip Cost
  • Trip Delay – Up to $500.00
  • Loss of Baggage and Personal Effects – Up to $750.00
  • Medical Expenses for Accidents & Sickness – Up to $15,000
  • Emergency Evacuation – Up to $150,000
  • Assistance in Replacing Lost Documents
  • Each child 17 and under will receive coverage at no additional cost
  • Concierge Services and much more!

Common Experiences

We were experienced travelers, what could possibly go wrong?

“Our trip to Europe went off without a hitch. But, no sooner had we landed back in New York than we received word that our connecting flight had been delayed until the next day due to severe weather. We were given a number to call the next morning to be sure their flight was still taking off at the announced time. Unfortunately, when we dialed the number there was only a recording that didn’t give us the confirmation we needed. That’s when we phoned Travel Guard who worked with the airline to coordinate an alternate flight for us. Other people were yelling around in the airport and were frustrated with their flight situation. Meanwhile we were working with Travel Guard who was like an angel watching over us! I don’t know what I would have done without them!” – Marvin & Agnes T.

My luggage was nowhere to be found…

“When I landed in Canada for the holidays, my luggage was nowhere to be found. What was worse is that my suitcase contained a vital prescription medication. It was late in the evening, I was sure all pharmacies would be closed! And in Canada I would have to see a local physician to get a new prescription written. I immediately called Travel Guard and within a matter of minutes, they called back with the name of a walk-in clinic that was open in the evening where I would be able to see a physician and have my prescription refilled. In addition, Travel Guard informed me they were tracking my lost luggage as we spoke! I could now enjoy my holiday! – Bob B.

We wanted to enhance our vacation experience…

“So we called Travel Guard coordinated a taxi to have us picked up at the airport and taken to a hotel. We were even able to get more out of our trip by calling Travel Guard who worked with the Vatican, Galleria de Borghese, Galleria Dell’Accademia and the Uffizi to reserve tickets for us in advance and obtain tour information for the us so that we could thoroughly enjoy our last few days of vacation. We could not have made this trip without your assistance. In the future, we will always use your service. Our trip was successful and memorable because of the prompt and accurate assistance that you provided.” – Dominick & Carita

Travel Guard is one of America’s Leading providers of travel insurance plans for millions of travelers each year who depend on us for comprehensive coverage and ‘round-the-clock’ travel assistance. Contact us to find out more.