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Many times, the first question people ask about insurance is, “how much does it cost?” However, a more important question is “how much does it cover?”

Did you know that not all homeowner’s policy afford you the same amount of protection? You’ve invested a large amount of your assets into your home and therefore, you deserve to make sure that it is adequately protected.

Below, you will see a comparison between the “usual HO3” policies you see on TV and what we sell at Petschauer Insurance to give you the best protection available.

Building Coverage

Most companies Dwelling coverage is not Extended Replacement Cost, our Select Policies are. That means that whatever it costs to rebuild your home, it WILL be rebuilt. Also, with our policies you have a Replacement Cost Cash-out Option. This means that if you do not want to rebuild, you will still get your money. Most other policies will not give you a Replacement Cost check if you do not rebuild. Finally, our insurance company provides “In-home Appraisal Service.” When most insurance companies inspect the premises, they only view it from outside. However, by doing this, how will they know if you have expensive crown molding, a marble fireplace, granite countertops, etc.? There is no way to accurately appraise the value of your home from the outside alone!

Extra Coverages

With our Select carriers you get unlimited debris removal, and 100% ordinance or law. Also unique to most companies, our select carriers’ offers food spoilage coverage, automatic water backup of sewers and drams, lock replacement and up to $5,000 for electronic data restoration.

Liability Coverages

A lot of companies do not include Personal Injury (libel & slander) coverage as a benefit of the liability coverage component – Our Select carriers do. In addition, our core carriers offer a limit of $100,000 for Kidnap Expenses as well as afford coverage for Incidental Business’s at Home where most companies do not. Finally, the liability insurance provides coverage on a worldwide basis.

We invite you to obtain a detailed analysis of your actual homeowner’s needs and a quality quote from Petschauer Insurance. Our low-cost will please you, but our excellent coverage will amaze you and more importantly, protect you, your family, and your investment. Call us today.