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Believe it or not, all Automobile Insurance Companies are not the same. Coverage can vary greatly. You’ve worked hard to obtain your vehicles so don’t let them be lost because you were using the wrong insurance company. Below see some of the major differences between the “Standard” market and our “Signature” insurance companies.

Some of the Special Coverages You Get

Standard auto insurance typically limits coverage to the U.S., its territories or possessions, and Canada. With select insurers, you have rental vehicle coverage anywhere in the world with no deductible.

Standard insurance companies want you to use their own “in-network” shops. If you go out of network, you will likely be expected to pick up any extra costs. Select insurers not only provide you with the freedom to choose your own body shop, but if you need a referral for a trusted and certified body shop, they offer you referrals as a service.

Most Standard insurance companies require that you use “after-market” parts to repair a damaged vehicle since these are cheaper. However, our Select insurers understand that these after-market parts can compromise a car’s long-term performance and they believe that if you are going to repair a car, it should be done right the first time.

With Select insurers, if your car is totaled in a covered loss, under the Agreed Value option, the value of your car is protected against depreciation. That means that you will receive the full value of your car as listed on the policy. There is no haggling and no “recalculation” of the car’s value after the accident. Moreover, many companies will waive your deductible and in most cases, you will receive a payment within 48 hours of settling your loss.

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