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Wedding Insurance: Protecting The Special Day



We are sure you want to make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life. There are lots of decisions to be made regarding the banquet hall, the food, the dress, the flowers, the most delicious wedding cake, the music, and of course the best photographer available to capture all the special moments. Yet, even though you think that you have covered every contingency, sometimes things can go wrong no matter how carefully you plan.  

There are  horror stories of bridal shops going out of business and an entire wedding party unable to get their dresses. Or what about a reception venue that suddenly declares bankruptcy a month before your special day taking with it your non-refundable deposit? Suppose the culprit is a black-out, a hurricane or a severe  weather emergency which results in a postponement of the nuptials.

While a wedding is typically expensive, the insurance to protect your wedding plans is reasonable and certainly can fit into any budget! Are you aware that you can protect your investment with a Wedding Insurance Policy for as little as $180.00? Would you say this is a small price to pay for the peace of mind?

Let us share some information:

The Wedding Protection Plan covers such circumstances as:

  • Damaged or lost wedding bands;
  • Ruined photos;
  • Damaged Wedding Gifts

AND there is more. It can also reimburse you for non-recoverable expenses if you need to postpone your wedding because of situations such as:

  • A sudden illness on the part of the bride, the groom or even their parents thereby preventing them from attending the wedding; 
  • A commercial transportation shutdown resulting in a situation where the bride, groom or their parents cannot get to the wedding;
  • A bride and/or groom who are in the military and are unexpectedly called to active duty requiring postponement of the event.

If you want to learn more about this important and affordable insurance, please do not delay. Contact us at Petschauer Insurance, and we will  be happy to share more information with you….. and no worries – you don’t have to invite us to the wedding!

Happy wedding planning and here’s wishing you a lifetime of happiness!  We can’t wait to see the photos!


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Ask Sherri: Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover A Wedding?

wedding-insurance-rates-comparedDear Sherri,My daughter is getting married next year so I just booked a caterer, a Hall, and a very expensive wedding dress and had to place a very large deposit for each of those items. If something were to happen, such as the caterer goes out of business before the wedding, how would I go about getting back my deposit? Does my homeowners insurance cover this? – Getting Cold Feet

Dear Cold Feet,Congratulations for your daughter and my condolences to your bank account! Unfortunately, your Homeowner’s policy would not cover you for this. What you need to do is purchase Wedding Insurance. This type of insurance protects you for lost deposits, ruined photos, flowers that don’t show up in time, wedding gifts that are damaged, lost or damaged wedding rings and a host of other perils up to and including problems with their Honeymoon Suite. Unfortunately, it won’t cover you if your daughter or her fiance back out at the last minute. That will just need a mother’s tender loving care …upside the head! So call your agent today for details about Wedding Insurance. And if none of that works, I recommend that you discreetly recommend eloping! – Sherri