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Ask Sherri: Insuring Your Valentine’s Day Gifts

Happy Valentine’s Day! In the spirit of the holiday, we’d like to bring back one of our classic Ask Sherri videos. If you have a nice surprise in the form of a beautiful piece of jewelry planned for that special someone, we highly recommend that you check out this episode.

Watch below as Sherri explains why you may want to consider a Valuable Articles policy as you present these special gifts.

We hope that love is in the air as you and your loved ones celebrate and enjoy this fun holiday together! Please contact us with any questions about your homeowners or renters policies.

Are Your Holiday Gifts Insured?

present_pileThe shopping season is in winding down right about now, and your loved ones have received all their gifts. Whether it is a new gaming system, new shoes, a big screen TV, a new iPhone or laptop,  special jewelry or a trip for 2 to a ski resort or sunny spa for a week, you may want to be sure that these gifts are protected by insurance if something unfortunate were to happen to them.

Does your Homeowners Policy cover any or all of these items while in your home BEFORE you give them away as gifts?  Do you have a Floater Policy (aka Inland Marine Policy) to add that special valuable jewelry item you received from your loved one? Did you purchase Travel Insurance for that exciting trip?

An Inland Marine policy or Floaters policy can cover those valuable gifts such as computers, fine arts, furs, golf equipment, jewelry, music instruments, and even camera equipment for All Risk, World Wide coverage with no deductible when scheduled on this type of policy.

Your Homeowners insurance may provide some coverage as well; however, every policy offers different features. A simple call to your agent can give you the detailed information you need to be sure.

Travel Insurance can protect you and your passenger should you need to cancel the trip due to a sudden illness that prevents you from going.  Or when on the trip, is an accident, sickness or injury covered by your current health insurance if you leave your home state? What if you require to be evacuated or airlifted for care – would your health insurance cover that expense? And if your trip was cut short due to a sickness or injury, would you get reimbursed to travel again at a later time?  You can have all of these situations covered with the right insurance.

Receiving electronics for the holiday is an awesome gift as well; however, will your homeowners or renters policy automatically cover it?  Every insurance company has their own interpretation of coverage and a call to your agent is strongly suggested to be sure you understand any limitation in your policy or instructions on what to do to protect your precious gift.  Sometimes purchasing the protection right from the electronic vender is the simplest and most economical way to get the best protection.

We hope you received all the gifts on your wish list this Holiday season! Keep Insurance on your list as well.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at 718-386-5050 or

Does a Renter’s Policy Cover An Engagement Ring?

Would My Renter’s Policy Cover My Engagement Ring?

No. While some Homeowner’s policies cover jewelry; up to a specific limit, engagement rings should be scheduled on a separate Inland Marine Policy or added as a Floater to your existing Homeowner’s Policy. Otherwise it is unlikely that there will be coverage for such a “big ticket” item. For more information on this, see our blog “Floater Policy: Insuring Your Valuables”.

Floater Policy: Insuring Your Valuables

floater-policyLast month, we wrote a blog discussing the proper way to insure an engagement ring or any other valuable item you were fortunate enough to receive over the holidays. The response was so overwhelming that now that Valentine’s Day is coming up we want to continue the discussion of insuring valuables. For those of you who have already had these items insured for some time now, you still need to keep the values up-to-date and this blog is to help you do that.

We understand that everyone’s definition of “valuables” is different so we thought it prudent to list a few:

  • jewelry
  • watches
  • rings
  • bracelets and other trinkets
  • furs
  • antiques
  • musical instruments
  • and collectibles of all kinds may also qualify for Floater coverage. Even valuable pieces of art, camera equipment, stamp and/or coin collections can be insured. This brings us to the issue of establishing the “value” of what we already have insured.

    For instance, many of us have a Personal Articles Floater, Inland Marine or Scheduled Items Policy already in place. Some of these policies have been in place for so long that we just pay the premium every year and don’t give a moment’s thought as to what they actually cover. Having said that, any given item may have been adequately insured when it was first put on the policy, but how adequately is it insured today? For example, what about the fluctuation in gold prices? When I received my first charm bracelet, gold was selling for $30 an ounce. At its height it was almost $1,000 an ounce. I wouldn’t still want that charm bracelet to be insured at $30 an ounce! Many times jewelry appreciates in value. The same may be true of fine art, stamps or coins.

    January is a time of New Year’s Resolutions, personal reassessments, and introspections. So why not take this as an opportunity to also reassess not only the insurance coverages you have in place, but the values of the items specifically covered under those policies? Being “fully covered” is a relative term and one that scares those of us who deal with losses every day, because there is really no way to be fully covered for every eventuality. However, you can improve the coverage if you review your policy on an annual basis. For example, what items are covered on these policies? How are they covered, individually or as a group? Is the coverage subject to specific exclusions? If you travel, is the coverage worldwide? Have any of the items appreciated in value, depreciated in value? What would it cost if you had to replace these valuables in today’s market? These are just a few of the many questions we answer for our clients every day. So, why not take advantage of your broker’s knowledge and check with them regarding the insurance you have in place and the values stated. My guess is that you will be glad you did!

    Karen Skoler, CPCU

    Does Your Tenants Policy Insurance Cover Your Engagement Ring?

    engagering-150x110With the holidays upon us and all those jewelry advertisements shouting at us day and night, I can’t help thinking about insuring all those new baubles, bangles and beads that will be found under our Chanukah lights and/or in our Christmas stockings this year.

    I remember when my daughter became engaged. She, having no interest in jewelry and knowing nothing about diamonds, described it to me as one big circular stone with two smaller circular stones on each side. I, in turn, immediately thought about insurance. When I broached the subject with my son-in-law to be, he assured me that their tenant’s policy would take care of it should anything happen. Well, that actually might be true if the ring was a zircon rather than a diamond (and a beauty at that). While it is true that the typical homeowners/tenants policy does provide coverage for many types of jewelry loss, including theft, the coverage is very limited. As for theft coverage, often there is a cap per item or a blanket limit for all jewelry which is insufficient to cover such an expensive item. Statistics indicate that theft of a diamond ring is more apt to occur than a fire.

    Other items, best insured individually, include furs, watches, and collections of various kinds to name just a few. Such items are usually scheduled on a “Floater Policy” with worldwide coverage, for a specifically stated amount determined by an appraisal.

    If you are lucky enough to get engaged during this holiday season, congratulations! If not, and you just get a very expensive present, check to make sure that the item is insured for its full value.

    Being an independent insurance agency, insurance is our business and here at Petschauer we are always here to answer questions posed by our clients.

    Happy Holidays to all!

    -Karen Skoler, CPCU