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Homeownership is More Affordable Today Than Many Believe

Today’s real estate market is quite unique.  While rents are rising at double-digit rates, home prices are still reasonable and mortgage rates are still at record setting lows!  In fact, the government’s Home Affordability Index reflects that buying a home has not been this affordable since the late 1940s when the suburbs were built to accommodate soldiers returning from the war!


As a public service, earlier this year Mortgage Wealth Advisors created the Home Opportunity Initiative

The Home Opportunity Initiative was created to spread the word to communities throughout New York about the amazing home affordability being experienced right now and to educate people on their options for homeownership.

“There are many families completely unaware of how much more buying power they have in today’s market versus 5-10 years ago,” said Warren Goldberg, President of Mortgage Wealth Advisors, Inc.  “We’ve seen lots of families in a position where their home no longer meets their needs as their family has grown or evolved over the past 5-10 years.  We created The Home Opportunity Initiative to get the word out and to educate families on their options for homeownership.”

If you would like more information about The Home Opportunity Initiative or would like a no-cost evaluation of the opportunities that may exist for your family, contact Mortgage Wealth Advisors at 516-302-1090.


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