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Do I Need To Increase My Umbrella Policy Limit Before My Son Get’s A Driver’s License?

umbrellapolicyDear Sherri, My son is going to apply for his driving permit this summer; do I need to increase the limit on my umbrella policy now or can I wait until he is licensed? – Already Worrying in LI

Dear Worrying in LI, Before you do ANYTHING with your insurance, call your doctor and get sedatives. Lots of sedatives! Now, about your umbrella policy, yes, you should increase your limit and you should do it as soon as possible. Too many parents wait until AFTER their teen gets a permit and then they find out it is too late to increase their policy as they desired. Keep in mind that once you have a youthful driver in the household some insurance companies will not allow you to increase your umbrella limit at all or will only allow you to increase your limit by one million. Therefore, after getting those sedatives, call your agent immediately and increase your umbrella limits before your teens get their permits.


Is My RV/Camper Covered While Being Towed By Vehicle?

CampertowDear Sherri,Is my Camper covered while being towed by my vehicle to our vacation destination? – Having fun in the sun

Dear Having Fun,
Ahhh camping; driving on the open road, having the whole family together, cooking, cleaning up… Good God why would you do this? Anyway, in response to your question, while being towed, coverage is extended from your personal auto policy to your camper for liability coverage ONLY. The camper must have its own comprehensive and collision coverage that you can purchase on a separate camper or RV (Recreational Vehicle) policy. It is always best to purchase an RV policy as these types of policies can include basic liability, medical payments, physical damage, replacement cost, contents, personal effects coverage, trip interruption and towing. However, remember to never allow passengers in the RV/Camper while it is being towed or when it is parked and you are taking a nap.
As always, check with your Insurance agent or carrier to be sure your camper has adequate coverage.

– Sherri

My Neighbor Damaged My House and Has No Insurance

Dear Sherri,

My neighbor was power washing his home as he does every spring and this year he managed to hit my house and damaged a section of my brand new wood siding. Well, he had the decency to come to my front door and inform me of the damages. He apologized but also advised me he no longer has insurance and he is not willing to pay for the repairs. OMG!!!!! What can I do? What is my recourse? Please help me.
– Going Ballistic in Queens

Dear Going Ballistic in Queens,

You have several options. One is to rent a bulldozer, go over to your neighbor’s house and… No you better not do that one. So your first real option is to submit a claim through your homeowner’s insurance policy. However, if you do this, your carrier will pay for the cost of the repairs, but you will be responsible for the deductible and it will be a claim against your policy. Your second option is to sue the no good, I mean your neighbor and go to court. In New York you can sue through Small Claims Court if damages are $5,000 or lower without involving a lawyer. Otherwise, you will need to consult an attorney to sue in civil court. Of course, I’m not a lawyer, but I say, ‘’GIVE HIM THE CHAIR!”
Good Luck.

Do I Need Renter’s Insurance or Am I Covered By My Moms Homeowner’s Policy?

Two Family HouseDear Sherri, My mom owns a two-family house. She lives on the first floor and I live on the second floor. If there were a fire or if there were a theft in my apartment, would my belongings be covered under my mom’s homeowner’s insurance policy?

Thanks, Donna

Hi Donna,

This is such a great question because due to the economy, so many young people are going back to live either with their parents or in property that their parents own. If you are living in the same unit with your parents, the answer would be yes, your belongings are covered by your parents’ policy since the definition of an insured is as follows: “You (the person named on the policy), Your Spouse (must be a resident at the same household) Resident Relatives and any other person under the age of 21 who is under the custody of the person named on the policy.” But don’t get too excited. In your case, the answer is no, you will NOT be covered under your mom’s policy as you are not living in the same unit or household. Living in the same building does not qualify you for free insurance. Therefore, you need to purchase a Renter’s Policy whether you are paying rent or not (if you are not paying rent, I am going to be so jealous that I might have to slap you!). A Renter’s Policy will protect your personal contents in your apartment and your personal liability. Always check with your agent to be sure your policy is providing you with the coverage you need.

Ask Sherri Episode #4 – Valentine’s Day Special – Inland Marine Policy

Planning to propose this Valentine’s Day? Sherri makes sure that you know how to properly insure that engagement ring! Click the link and view our latest video. Learn something about a Floater policy and maybe have some laughs along the way. Enjoy!

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