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Group Health:

With Health Insurance rates rising at an average of 15-30% per year, business owners & key decision-makers must remain knowledgeable about all options available. The Petschauer Agency represents all the leading carriers and we will customize the perfect plan based on your company’s unique needs, no matter what the size of your firm. With the changes we are experiencing in the legislation of our health insurance, you need to turn to an agency that has the resources you require to develop unique plans to fit your budget.

Group Dental:

The wellness value of dental care is often overlooked even though bleeding gums, etched enamel and other tissue changes in the mouth often are the first clues of serious health problems. More often than not, early detection can reduce the need for costly health care in the future. You have options of involuntary programs (Employer Paid) or voluntary programs (Employee Paid) which create a multitude of choices for you and your company.

Group Disability:

This policy provides monthly benefits for employees who are partially or totally disabled by a covered physical disease, injury, pregnancy or mental disorder. The biggest advantage with a group policy is the price. Since they are group plans and are lumped together, the premiums are usually lower. You have options of involuntary programs (Employer Paid) or voluntary programs (Employee Paid) which create a multitude of choices for you and your company.

Group Long Term Care:

Americans are living longer than ever before. Many of us, our friends and relatives, will require long-term care at some point during our extended lifespan. Disabling accidents or chronic illnesses that require basic levels of assistance such as bathing, dressing, or transferring (getting in or out a bed or chair) affect the working age adult as much as the retiree. With LTC costs increasing due to the growing boomer population and shortage of caregivers, planning is essential to securing your financial future.
Purchasing this coverage on a group basis, affords this important coverage to your employees and yourself at discounted premiums. You have options of involuntary programs (Employer Paid) or voluntary programs (Employee Paid) which create a multitude of choices for you and your company.

Group Life Insurance:

Group term life insurance is more affordable than individual life insurance policies because the costs to the insurer are lower. A group term life insurance policy offers life insurance coverage to all the employees of a particular organization, or to any other group of people that apply for it. It covers the unexpected death of an employee, and group term life insurance benefits are usually calculated based on the employee’s lost income wages.
Offering group term life insurance is much more affordable for a company than offering individual life insurance policies for each employee. Considering how important it is to offer competitive benefits in order to attract the best employees, group term life insurance is a great option for both employer and employee alike.

Key Man Insurance:

Key man insurance, key person insurance or key employee insurance as it is sometimes referred to is something every business needs to have. So what exactly does it do for you? It is a life insurance policy that covers key employees within your small business in case of death or critical illness. It can cover anyone you deem would cause financial hardships to your business were they to be permanently incapacitated. And remember this includes the owner as well. The way key man insurance works is very simple. A company purchases a life insurance policy on the key employee, pays the premiums and is the beneficiary of the policy.
Companies purchase these policies because if something were to happen to that key employee the company will need to have the funds available to protect it from the effects that employees death or incapacitation would cause. And they will have to pay to hire a replacement for the employee that was lost. Depending on what their job was this can get very expensive.
Not only can you purchase Key Man Life Insurance; you can also purchase Key Man Disability Insurance as the likely hood of a disability is greater than most people realize. Call us today for more details to protect the future success of your business.

Group Personal Umbrella:

See our Personal Lines Tab for more information