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Homeownership is More Affordable Today Than Many Believe

Today’s real estate market is quite unique.  While rents are rising at double-digit rates, home prices are still reasonable and mortgage rates are still at record setting lows!  In fact, the government’s Home Affordability Index reflects that buying a home has not been this affordable since the late 1940s when the suburbs were built to accommodate soldiers returning from the war!


As a public service, earlier this year Mortgage Wealth Advisors created the Home Opportunity Initiative

The Home Opportunity Initiative was created to spread the word to communities throughout New York about the amazing home affordability being experienced right now and to educate people on their options for homeownership.

“There are many families completely unaware of how much more buying power they have in today’s market versus 5-10 years ago,” said Warren Goldberg, President of Mortgage Wealth Advisors, Inc.  “We’ve seen lots of families in a position where their home no longer meets their needs as their family has grown or evolved over the past 5-10 years.  We created The Home Opportunity Initiative to get the word out and to educate families on their options for homeownership.”

If you would like more information about The Home Opportunity Initiative or would like a no-cost evaluation of the opportunities that may exist for your family, contact Mortgage Wealth Advisors at 516-302-1090.


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What We Learned At Our Team Building Outing

IMG_5545For the past decade here at Petschauer Insurance, we have used our annual outings for team building and professional development.  We always strive to stay current with how to best meet the needs of our clients and communicate in the most professional way.  This year for staff building we focused on collaboration and clear communication while professionally focusing on how to use our emotional intelligence.

As always, our professional management consultant Dr. Josie Palleja led us through fun exercises as we took a cooking class held at A La Carte Cooking SchoolWe were instructed by two master chefs on how to prepare and cook a full meal: an appetizer, salad, main dish and dessert.  Throughout our cooking instructions we were presented with many challenges that were meant to develop our IMG_5550listening and communication skills.  We were placed in teams and when we arrived at our cooking stations the menus were on the table.  Dr. Josie mixed up the recipes so they were not what we thought we were going to cook.  As you can imagine, there was a moment of confusion.  Each team had to clarify the information they heard and then ask the other teams for help to complete the assignment.  Clear communication and collaboration got us to back on track to get started.

IMG_5613Our next challenge was the actual cooking.  Here is where we practiced using our emotional intelligence….. i.e. being self-aware of what you are good at and not so good at, being mindful of staying mentally present and not getting distracted, and knowing what your teammates’ strengths and challenges are.  Each team worked together by sharing their skills, expressing their comfort levels in the kitchen and being open to try something they had never done before.  At times we were all amazed at how comfortable we had become with cutting vegetables, sauteing chicken, even plating a dessert.

After we ate our delicious meal we all took turns sharing what we learned about ourselves during this outing.  Some of us spoke about facing our fears and openly acknowledging them without any judgment. Others spoke about learning to feel comfortable to ask for help.  While others realized how important it is to listen carefully, take instructions, and to also accept that mistakes happen.  The truth is everyone has fears and challenges that we must each accept and help each other overcome.

IMG_5633Everyone at JPI learned how important it is to turn a challenge into a positive by using our emotional awareness. With these new skills being applied in the office, we are now more aware and present for you, attentive to your needs so we can put together an insurance program that fits your needs, and communicating with you in a clear, concise, and positive manner.  As always we will give you good information to help you make the best insurance decisions for yourself, your family or your business.

We would like to thank you for being patient while we took time out of our work day to improve on being the best insurance consultants we can be. Thank you!IMG_5677

Simple Life Insurance vs. Traditional Life Insurance

lifeInsurance-300x202Let’s face it. We don’t always have total control over our lives – unexpected things can and do happen. However, we can take steps to reduce the damage those unexpected things cause. Life insurance is one of those steps.

Think of all the people in your life who count on you: your spouse, your kids, and possibly others. How would they cope financially if something happened to you? This is such an important question to ask ourselves.

While it’s never too early to plan for the unexpected….it can be too late.

Let’s be honest: we all know there are some drawbacks to buying life insurance. We have to meet with the agent, then have a medical exam, then the insurance company requests doctor records, etc… It can be a long process from signing the application to having the policy issued – the average time can be 2-3 months.

Good news….This is what the process use to look like.

In 2015, we now have a new and simple way of purchasing life insurance coverage.

Tell me how you like this scenario? …You meet with your agent, sign the application, receive a decision within 72 hours, and have a life contract in your hands within 7-10 days? There is NO blood work, NO labs, and NO parameds… NO Waiting!

The types of products that are available for this type of program are:
1. Term Life
2. Universal Life
3. Whole Life

Since there are no medical exams, Simplified Life Insurance of this type will cost a little bit more than traditional life insurance. The reason for this is that the best rating class will be “Standard.” What this means is, if a person went through the traditional process and had the medical done, they could conceivably be rated “Preferred” and get a better premium rate.

The decision to be eligible to buy a simple life policy versus a traditional life policy will be made with you and your agent.

Some valid facts why Simplified Issue Life Insurance may be for YOU:
1. You don’t like needles
2. You want more privacy
3. You want the insurance sooner than later.

You have one life, and many people rely on you. The choice can be simple or traditional.

You would never think of not buying insurance for your car, house, boat etc. Yet many of us go without insuring our own lives. Contact your agent today to find the best way to insure YOU! Please, we urge you not to let your most important asset go uninsured.

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