Confused About Life Insurance? Let Us Explain

When consumers were asked why they never made the decision to purchase life insurance, they used words like unclear, puzzling, mystifying, complicated and frustrating. 

People are confused by the terms and may be too embarrassed to constantly stop their agent and ask for an explanation of their meaning.  For example, terms such as:

  • whole life vs. term life
  • cash value
  • dividends
  • universal life
  • accidental death benefit
  • accelerated death benefit
  • contingent beneficiary
  • waiver of premium
  • preferred risk, sub-standard risk
  • conversion privilege

So if you appreciate the value of life insurance, we urge you to find yourself an agent who is willing to explain, in detail, the types of coverage available given your situation, budget, health, age, family and expenses.  Life insurance helps provide you and your family with peace of mind when it matters the most. 

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