Insurance Tips For International Traveling

2013_People_Traveling_Infographic Dear Sherri, I am sending my son on a trip to three different countries in Europe next summer; do you have any insurance tips for me? – Sincerely Worried Traveler

Dear Worried Traveler,

First, I am a pitiful orphan whom you should adopt and send all over Europe! I love you mommy! Meanwhile, while the paperwork is being processed for that adoption, you should think about purchasing Travel Insurance for your son’s trip. You can tailor a Travel policy to fit your son’s insurance needs, since you have many different coverage plans to choose from. Some of the coverage’s you may choose are: Medical emergency, emergency evacuation, visitor health insurance, lost papers (such as a passport), accidental death, injury or disablement and there are many more. Believe it or not, Travel Insurance is quite affordable (especially if you can afford to send your son all over Europe!). So before taking that next trip, go on-line and prepare a quote yourself. It’s very easy! To get started {Click Here} or call your agent today.

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