Is firework damage covered under my Homeowners Insurance?

fireworkDear Sherri, Every year my neighbor puts on a fireworks show for the entire block. If a Bottle Rocket should come flying through my window, do I have coverage? Sincerely, Rocket Frazzled in Ridgewood

Dear Rocket Frazzled,
First of all, Ask Sherri in no way condones this behavior! I cringe every year while watching those illegal fireworks! This year, they promise to be bigger and better than last year’s. Can’t wait! I mean, shame on you. In answer to your question, yes, your policy would cover your damages and the insurance company would subrogate against your neighbor, or in other words try to recoup the money from your neighbor. You could even go directly to your neighbor’s carrier and file a claim as he would be negligent. However, you should not depend on your neighbor’s insurance as this is the reason you have homeowner’s insurance.
Ask Sherri

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