My Tenant Has A Puppy. What Type Of Insurance Do I Need?

puppyDear Sherri, I just found out that my tenant adopted a puppy. I have a fire policy with liability coverage of $500,000 and an umbrella policy too. Should I do anything else? – Dog-gone Worried in Hicksville

Dear Dog-gone Worried, I’m not sure, but are congratulations in order? Oh well, Mazel Tov! You sound like you have everything you need, but you didn’t say what kind of dog it is. Some policies have an animal exclusion clause that affects only certain breeds that have a, shall we say, bad rap. If your policy has that exclusion clause, you have no coverage for any legal suits associated with that dog. You should also advise your tenant to purchase a Renter’s policy with a minimum liability limit of $500,000 and their policy should name you, his landlord, as an additional interest. This should be your practice for all tenants, not just ones with dogs. In fact, purchasing a Renters policy should be in the lease agreement. So talk to your agent to make sure everything is ok, but enjoy your new 4-legged neighbor.

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