How To Save Money On Your Homeowners Premiums

home-insuranceI went to the supermarket last week and I couldn’t believe the prices. How do families put food on their tables and still have money left for clothing, shelter and FUN? This actually led me to think about the customers we insure and how they could benefit from knowing how to reduce costs on their homeowners insurance premiums.
That’s where our staff really excels. By listening, REALLY listening to our clients, we come to know their budgetary concerns regarding insurance and we do everything in our power to help them reduce the cost of their homeowners policy while still providing them with good coverages. How is that possible? Read on for some tips you might be able to employ:
• Increase your deductible
• Apply credit for installing burglar and / or fire alarms, smoke detectors and dead bolt locks
• Non Smoking Household Credit
• Mature or Senior Homeowner Credit
• Account Discount for having both Home and Auto with the same company

Make no mistake, these are all legitimate ways of lowering your premium without diminishing your protection and we take advantage of these discounts every day!
If, however, you are not speaking with your agent on a consistent basis, you will never know what you can do to take advantage of money saving ways to reduce premiums.

By Karen Skoler, CPCU

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