Should I Contact A Restoration Company After A House Fire?

resized_college-freshman-meme-generator-learns-how-to-cook-sets-kitchen-on-fire-8ee1daDear Sherri, My son will be going to college in two years so I started to teach him how to cook so he will be able to prepare his own meals. He nearly destroyed my house and totally burned my kitchen. What should I do now? – Heart Burn in NY

Dear Heart Burn, First, teach your son the ancient tradition of take out. It’s faster and obviously, oh so much safer!

I assume the first thing you did was to call your insurance company and file a claim. That’s a good first step. However, what most people forget to do is to contact a reputable restoration company to complete the overwhelming clean up. Attempting to do this yourself can be not only dangerous, but could end up costing you more money. A restoration company will help repair your home by getting the smoke smell out and will prevent additional damages, such as mold from the water used to put out the fire from taking root. Not to mention they will remove the damaged items from your home and try to save items as well. They can help to find important documents and will also help to submit the claim to your insurance company. A good restoration company can help make your home whole again a lot faster than you could. And the best news is that usually, insurance companies will pay for the restoration company because they know that it saves them money in the long run. So, after you put in your claim, contact a reputable restoration company. And most importantly, keep your son out of that new kitchen!

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