Calling All Cycling Enthusiasts – Now There Is Insurance For YOU

bicycle_racing_training_insuranceDid you know that you can now procure an insurance policy offering a wide variety of coverage for your bicycle? Everyday more and more people are using their bikes both in urban as well as in suburban areas as transportation, to promote fitness, or for entry in competitive tournaments.

Who should enquire about this new insurance? Those who utilize their bikes for fitness or in competitions would be most likely to get the most from this product. After all, they are the ones who are sure to have higher-end cycles and may also be members of cycling associations with the need to purchase more specialized coverages.

What are some of the features of this new policy?

Territory-US and Canada, while in transit via land or air from and to a location within the US and Canada, world-wide coverage can be added
Physical Damage Coverage-provides replacement cost for the value of the bicycle (inclusive of accessories)
Deductibles-the higher the deductible the lower the cost of the coverage.
Liability & Medical Payments
Vehicle Contact Protection
Roadside Assistance Coverage
• Additional Coverages Available:

Rental Reimbursement
Competitive Fee
Spare Parts
Cycling Apparel

So, if this sounds like you, we’d suggest that you ride right over to your agent’s office and find out how you could get this coverage. Remember, one man’s SUV is another man’s mountain bike.

By Karen Skoler, CPCU

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