How Do I Get Insurance For A Painting?

dogs-playing-pokerDear Sherri,I just purchased a very, very expensive painting and now I need to purchase insurance for it. How do I go about it? Sincerely, Picasso’s Mom in NY

Dear Picasso’s Mom in NY,
The painting wasn’t “Dogs Playing Poker,” was it? I have that one too! Anyway, to insure your new painting, you must forward a detailed receipt or preferably an appraisal to your insurance agent. Your agent will either schedule your new item to your Homeowners/Renters policy or write a separate Personal Articles Policy through your Homeowner’s carrier. Also be prepared to answer questions such as, where will the item be kept, your occupation, and what type of security do you have to protect the painting to name a few. Be sure your policy includes “Agreed Value” coverage as in case of a total loss you will be reimbursed for the agreed value shown on your policy. This is important as most works of art are not replaceable.

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