Does My Homeowner’s Policy Cover Lawn Workers?

Mowing the lawnDear Sherri, I hired my daughter’s boyfriend to mow the lawn once a week. If he gets hurt while mowing my lawn, do I have liability coverage on my Homeowner’s policy? – Long Island Worrier

Dear Long Island Worrier, As that famous Reggae song says, “Don’t worry, be happy!” because in New York, a part-time worker (Such as this, a babysitter, a person to shovel the snow, etc.) that works in your home less than 40 hours a week and is engaged in casual employment would be covered under your Homeowner’s policy. The only problem I foresee is that when your daughter breaks up with this boyfriend, your lawn is going to suffer. Either way, you should always call your insurance agent so you can be sure you do not need a separate workers compensation policy.

– Sherri

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