Is My Child Covered Under My Homeowner’s Policy When They Are Away At College?

Girl-playing-violin-piano-and-violin-30905103-800-600Dear Sherri, My daughter will be leaving for college soon and will be residing at the school campus dorm. When she leaves, she will be taking her violin with her, which is valued at $15,000. Since it is now scheduled on my Homeowner’s policy, do I need to do anything else or will it still be covered? Thank you, Strung Up Empty Nester

Dear Strung Up Empty Nester, Congratulations on getting your kids out of the house! Now you have a few years to party before they come back. Concerning the violin, if this item is already scheduled on your policy, the violin will be covered. The first thing you should do is contact your agent and advise them of the new location for the violin at your daughter’s dorm. You will probably be asked some questions, such as where the violin will be kept when she is not using it and if the violin will be in a secured, locked area such as a closet or locked dorm room when not in use. Other than that, forget about the violin and start thinking about the accordion. I hear Paris has some wonderful accordions.
For more information about scheduled items, liability, contents, and information if your child is taking their vehicle to school, see our Guest Equifax blog, “Kids Away At College: Is Insurance Review on your Check list?”

– Sherri

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