Do I Need To Increase My Umbrella Policy Limit Before My Son Get’s A Driver’s License?

umbrellapolicyDear Sherri, My son is going to apply for his driving permit this summer; do I need to increase the limit on my umbrella policy now or can I wait until he is licensed? – Already Worrying in LI

Dear Worrying in LI, Before you do ANYTHING with your insurance, call your doctor and get sedatives. Lots of sedatives! Now, about your umbrella policy, yes, you should increase your limit and you should do it as soon as possible. Too many parents wait until AFTER their teen gets a permit and then they find out it is too late to increase their policy as they desired. Keep in mind that once you have a youthful driver in the household some insurance companies will not allow you to increase your umbrella limit at all or will only allow you to increase your limit by one million. Therefore, after getting those sedatives, call your agent immediately and increase your umbrella limits before your teens get their permits.


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