JPandHFAs Father’s Day approaches, thoughts of my dad and the founder of Petschauer Insurance, John Petschauer, are especially active in my mind. Every Father’s Day, I think of something he either did or said to support me or make me laugh when I needed it the most. This helps me stay connected to my treasured memories of him, his presence and positive influence in mine as well as so many other lives. Doing so definitely brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

This year I am remembering his words to me shortly before he became an angel, “Heidi life goes on – make sure life goes on for you.” He had this keen sense to know what I was thinking and know what needed to be said. I hear these words in my heart almost every day. My dad not only left a legacy that included integrity, respect, loyalty, humor and the importance of being honest and doing your best for your family, friends, and clients; but he also left the amazing Petschauer Insurance legacy that embraces those same principles. The legacy of Petschauer Insurance will go on!

I wish all the fathers on their special day a very wonderful Father’s Day. If you are lucky to still have your dad, then treasure every moment and celebrate. If your dad is an angel like mine, remember one special thing about him today and pass it on.

– Heidi Fox

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