Happy Thanksgiving: A Message From President Heidi Fox


This is the time of year when many of us are counting our blessings and feeling very thankful for those special people in our lives. For me, I feel thankful for those people in my life and especially for those who no longer are in my life; however, still have a huge impact on my daily living. The most extraordinary individual for me is the founder of Petschauer Insurance, my dad, John Petschauer. We at Petschauer Insurance loved calling him, JP. I am so grateful for the legacy that he passed to me which was always to be honest and maintain integrity. His wisdom helps to build a very strong and solid foundation at Petschauer Insurance. He always said “you are only as successful as your staff behind you”. And he is so right! Now that I reflect on his legacy, I realize, little did JP know he was always state of the art with a consistent philosophy about always maintaining his level of excellence in all of his relationships.

As I sit here writing this blog, I find myself embracing the philosophies he always professed. So, this blog is dedicated to my staff… “Team Petschauer”, as I lovingly call them. I want to thank you all for the dedication and commitment you demonstrate in being the best insurance professionals. You always go above and beyond for our clients as well as for each other. And, if you are a client of the amazing Petschauer Insurance Agency, then trust and feel confident that my team has your back as well. They are always there for you. Like JP, it is clear you all want to be successful in both your personal and business relationships. You have each others back and the prevailing feeling I get is that we are an amazing team!


My hope is that all agency owners (actually ALL business owners) appreciate their team because your success is only as good as the team you have surrounding you. I have come to learn that every effort I make to provide my team with the tools, education, experience and professional atmosphere serves only to build on the success of my firm. During this time of thanksgiving I feel most appreciative to the team that surrounds me.

I invite you to read our blogs and join us on Facebook where we regularly post about our anniversaries, team building outings, and individual staff members. Our Social Media Department is run in house and solely supported by Team Petschauer. Many staff members spend their own personal time researching and thinking of creative ways to share their knowledge with our clients because they are committed to learning and growing and wanting our clients to be informed. My team is always on time for work and ready to start their day with enthusiasm! They are like “First Responders”. You saw their dedication during the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy. Our office may have been closed; however, my staff was leading our Disaster Recovery Plan from where ever they could. My staff is always positive, offering suggestions and taking leadership in all aspects of our office life together. They all have truly embraced our professional development philosophy to be independent insurance professionals. Even during this time of stress they have an amazing gift to find a moment to get together and laugh which builds a bond that helps them (and myself) regroup so we can stay focused and positive to get the claims processed and our jobs done.

From the bottom of my heart I say “Thank you Team Petschauer!” And to dad, John Petschauer, I say thank you for leaving me such an amazing legacy. I am so grateful to each and every one of you and I dedicate this blog to your professional commitment and dedication to our firm. I wish Team Petschauer, their families and all our clients a very blessed Thanksgiving Holiday.

-Heidi Fox

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