Ask Sherri – Animal Vehicle Damage


Dear Sherri: If an animal you have causes damage to your vehicle, will the collision cover it? If so, is it a chargeable accident?— Pestered in New York

Dear Pestered in New York: Great question! In New York, damages caused to your vehicle by an animal would be covered, but not under the collision coverage of your policy, but under the comprehensive coverage subject to your deductible. If your best friend, Fido, decides to chew on your new Corinthian leather seats like last week’s newspaper, you can make a claim. Comprehensive auto coverage also provides benefits when you have a collision with a deer or other animal. Also, if you have a picnic basket in your car Yogi Bear breaks and totally destroys the interior; your policy will cover that as well.

In response to the second part of your question; Comprehensive claims are not chargeable, however most companies are now tiered so depending on the number of incidents you have, your company could change your tier, which could result in a higher premium.

So while these things are covered by your insurance, Ask Sherri recommends you keep Fido under control, buy him his own chew-toy, and take the picnic basket with you!

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