Protect Your Business with Proper Insurance

stock-photo-14434276-insurance-fileWhen creating your business plan and factoring in all of your start up expenses, don’t forget to include insurance costs in your start up expense totals! Along with the rent, filing fees, utilities, deposits, marketing, personnel costs, software, and other miscellaneous costs associated with starting a business – commercial general liability insurance in NY is something a business owner must budget in. Securing appropriate commercial general liability insurance is in fact one of the most crucial components to having successful business – from the start.

Commercial general liability coverage (or CGL) in a commercial setting will protect a business owner when property is damaged on the premises of the insured business. CGL also protects an owner from lawsuits due to injury on the job, personal injury (including slander and libel), and false or misleading advertising.

Commercial General Liability Insurance is a necessity for every business, large or small. When compared to the risk that your business is protected against, the cost of coverage is low. Potential risks in the workplace may increase as your business grows, so be sure to speak to a professional fromPetschauer Insurance located in NY to ensure that your insurance coverage is right for your specific risks. We can be reached at: (718) 386-5050 or via email at:

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